Checklist for Those Who Travel

The airlines allow less luggage. How can we still enjoy travel? What do we really need when we travel? Here is a list of suggested travel items for most overseas vacations.Travel DocumentationCheck that your passport and visa (if required) is current and adequate to enter your chosen destination.Gather any health documentation (prescriptions, explanations, etc.) and insurance documentation.Place your airline tickets, accommodation and tour vouchers in a safe place. Take a copy and place in separate luggage.Select proper credit cards and currency that are applicable to your destination. Notify your financial institutions about your travel arrangements, so that they do not cancel your cards as a precaution.Pack your detailed itinerary and any travel guides, language books, etc.Make copies of (all) your travel documents and give one copy to a friend for safekeeping and keep another in your luggage.Travel BagsSelect one travel bag for use in the cabin. It will be with you all the way! Some airlines allow a second small bag. Please check the cabin baggage allowance of all airlines that you intend to travel with. There will usually be a size limit, weight limit and a bag limit.Select a larger piece of luggage for check-in luggage. Again the airlines have limits. If you exceed the limits, most airlines will charge exorbitantly to carry excess luggage.Other bags to include, might be a daypack, document holder and small bag.So what to pack?This is where individuality comes in. The requirements vary depending on type of travel (business, leisure or sport, etc.) The length of time away from home will dictate the requirements. Nevertheless here are some suggestions:Include travel attire taking into account the opportunities to launder and shoes depending on your chosen activities.Take warm coats if traveling to a cold climate, wet weather gear if rain is a possibility and sun protection for hot and dry places.If you are a photographer, choose your camera and accessories wisely as they will add weight to your luggage.For communications, consider a cell phone, tablet (for lightness instead of a laptop) and proper charging accessories. Use your cell phone as an alarm clock to cut weight!To improve your chance of good sleeping, take ear plugs, eye mask and small pillow.If traveling to less modern places, take a portable door lock, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and tissuesInclude a first aid pack specially created for the region that you intend to visit. Generally include something for an upset stomach, a headache, antiseptic, and some plaster and small bandages.Plan your travel and plan what you take. You may find that you are travelling with fewer items as you travel more. Consult your travel doctor so that your first aid pack has the right items. Above all, experience the new cultures and enjoy the experience.